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LJA deliberately seeks parental involvement, expecting parents to actively play a part in the education of their children. Before a student enrolls for the first time, at least one parent and the student are required to visit the school and participate in an interview with the respective teacher and/or principal. 

Parents are informed of the service opportunities their children will be involved in throughout the school year. Additionally, parents are invited to partner with the teacher and the school in the education of their children by volunteering their time and talents in order to help make the school a better place for their children. Parents will be required to volunteer an agreed upon number of hours each school year, or, in lieu of time, an additional donation of money to provide further services or supplies to enhance the educational program.

At the beginning of the school year, each student will receive a "Communication Journal" which serves as one of the primary means of communication between teachers and parents. Teachers and parents use these journals to correspond, and students use them to record assignments, homework, and important information. Parents will be required to sign this journal every night and ensure that it returns to school the next day with their child.

At enrollment, parents and students are asked to sign a "Parent/Student Commitment to Excellence" contract, In addition to making a commitment to academic excellence, this contract will include a commitment to the dress code, conduct code, signing and returning the "Communication Journal", and supporting the school in its service activities. If this contract is not fulfilled, students may not be allowed to re-enroll the following year.

In addition to parent-teacher conferences, parent nights are held throughout the school year including open house, fall and spring festivals, the Christmas program, and a science fair. Parents and students will be expected to attend these functions as part of their commitment to the student's education.

Additional volunteers will be recruited from the local church, community, and beyond to help enrich the current program in the areas of agriculture, career awareness, physical education, after-school sports, and after-school homework help and tutoring. These volunteers will be asked to join the partnership of parents and teachers in providing a quality of education that goes beyond the expected norm.

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  1. Attend Home and School Meetings: Bring a positive outlook and a willingness to work.
  2. Read your Friday Folders: Read all the materials. All parent communication comes home in the folders.
  3. Find time to Volunteer – We can have great school activities if you are willing to volunteer some time. Remember, a great school experience requires group support.
  4. Encourage Educators – Positive words can make the difference in anyone’s day.
  5. Support Activities – Attend field trips, games, awards ceremonies, school functions. Your child will appreciate your presence.
  6. Financially Give–Through the year parents are asked to give small amounts to cover concerts, gifts, parties, school events.
  7. Fundraisers – Participation is extremely important. Fundraisers are our only way to raise funds to provide items not within the school’s budget. Participation also signals to your student that they care about their environment.

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