Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is LJA accredited?

Yes, Lexington Junior Academy is accredited by the state of Kentucky and by the National Council of Private Schools Association.

Do you accept special needs children?

Our School has limited resources and staffing for meeting specialized needs. However, we are willing to meet with families to assess whether we are able to meet the needs of any child with special requirements.  Call us!

What is the tuition?  Are there discounts available?

Starting Fall 2016, the registration fee and tuition for the year is $3,550 for the year, or ten (10) equal payments of $355 per month from August until May.  A five percent (5%) DISCOUNT is given if the annual tuition is paid in full in August, at the beginning of school year.   

Any discount for multiple children? 

Yes! There is a discount where multiple children of the same family enrolled.  $300 for the second child, and another $300 for the third child.  No additional discount past the third child.  More info on our Handbook, but call us for more details!

Do I have to be a member of the church for my child to attend?

No. LJA is open to every family who wishes a Christ-centered education. The school does not discriminate because of race, color, gender, or national and ethnic origin. At LJA, all students benefit from the Christian values upheld, such as kindness, self-restraint, modesty, respect and trust.  

Who do I call if my child is sick?

Please call the office at 859-278-0295 and let the Office Administrator know that your child is absent and the reason. 


* Lexington Junior Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, and ethnic origin in admitting students and in administration of its educational policies and admission.


We are glad to know you are considering enrolling your children at Lexington Junior Academy, a private Christian K-8 school in central Kentucky.

LJA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, and ethnic origin in admitting students and in administration of its educational policies and admission.


  1. Click here to print, and fill out application forms carefully and thoughtfully.
  2. Bring copies of the student's records.  Medical forms must be from the last calendar year, on a Kentucky form, signed by the child's physician. See the list of documents on the left column.  Bring these and the application form to the admission office.
  3. Complete Pre-Admission testing to determine grade readiness.  Students applying for grades 2nd through 8th are required to take a portion of the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT).  Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten applicants are not required to complete a pre-admission screening.
  4. Family Interview.  Our principal will meet with all of you to get to know each other well, to understand expectations, and to answer any questions anybody may have.  You (parents) will be notified of the admission office's decision within one week.  All students must be recommended for approval by the admissions committee prior to attending class.
  5. Recommendations will be presented to the School Board for final approval.
    5. New students will be accepted on a probationary basis for at least 1 quarter.


  1. Birth certificate (state issued)
  2. Current immunization record
  3. Current physical exam record (PS-4th)
  4. Current physical exam record (5th-8th)
  5. Current eye exam  – Required for TK or KG students only
  6. Current dental exam – Required for TK or KG students only
  7. Report cards (from the last 2 years) or
  8. Transcript

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